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Hi there,

I know it's strictly dinosaurs but this one is for all you interested in prehistoric marine animals.

I just got my copy of the new BBC book, Sharks (which doesn't seem to be related to any TV series, which is a damn shame). Contained therein are some interesting illustrations of prehistoric sharks, including one of Helicoprion, the fantastic whorl-toothed shark. It's unusual in that it doesn't have the long rostrum usually shown on this genus; point of fact is that it is shown as more or less a very large nurse shark with strange dentition. I'm not sure this is just a conceit as a result of the artist using photoshop and just using an 'as near as damn it' approximation to Helicoprion or if it's that he knows something I don't. As someone who is currently illustrating said shark, I'd be interested to hear any opinions or the latest thoughts on the subject.


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