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DINOSAURNEWS- PNG Live Dinosaur Sighted? * A World Ruled by Fungi * Where The Bones Go * House Votes to Name Official State Dinosaur * Rock a Headscratcher

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**  From the "Oh, Really!" File: 'Dinosaur' in PNG
Reports that a live dinosaur had been sighted on a volcanic island off Papua
New Guinea has prompted the deployment of heavily armed police.
Alberta hopes for dinosaur museum

**  Economic Development Minister Mark Norris says his government has high
hopes for a proposed multimillion-dollar museum to be built near Grande
Prairie at the site of a large fossil find

**  Other Fossil News: Alligator-shaped rock a headscratcher
Scientific interest is growing in a Tennessee family's discovery of a
4-foot-long rock that strongly resembles an alligator

**  Dinosaurs take up residence at Children's Museum
Recently, areas of the Children's Museum of Richmond were transformed to
grant patrons an authentic glimpse into the Jurassic Period


**  After the Impact Event: A World Ruled by Fungi
In a study presented in latest issue of the journal Science, the
palaeontologists Vivi Vajda from the University of Lund, Sweden and Stephen
McLoughlin from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia have
described what happened to the vegetation month by month

**  Post-op: where the bones go
"The field season is usually mid-May through August," said Carrie Ancell,
supervisor for the MOR paleo lab, where fossils are processed. "The rest of
the year is spent down here"

**  Kids dig dinosaurs at Burke
According to Maryann Barron, director of external communications, the event
was established to aid the museum's education goal

**  House votes to name official state dinosaur
A bill designating a 35-foot-long creature with 1,000 teeth as Missouri's
official state dinosaur cleared the House on Monday

**  Boonshoft becomes dinosaur playground
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery has turned itself into a dinosaur day-care,
hosting "Baby Dinosaurs: A Prehistoric Playground" through May 2

**  Papua New Guinean Dinosaur Stamps Release
Post PNG has just issued twelve new stamps and a souvenir sheet highlighting
prehistoric animals

**  Jack Horner lecture in Cincinnati in June at zoo-sponsored event

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