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Re: Species concepts

On 18/3/04 12:48 pm, "Brad McFeeters" <archosauromorph2@hotmail.com> wrote:

>> From: Nick Pharris <npharris@umich.edu>
   I can't recall the exact name or reference, but such a system has indeed
been suggested. Unfortunately, the necessary hybridisation experiments would
rather exceed the realms of possibility, especially in regard to organisms
that can't be maintained in captivity. This same objection, of course,
applies to the biological species concept.
    The recognition of genera necessitates the use of paraphyletic taxa
anyway, so the fact that the 'biological genus' concept would inevitably
lead to this (because ability to interbreed is a potential plesiomorphy) is
not an argument against the concept.

> Has anyone introduced a system similar to the following?
> Fertile offspring = same species
> Infertile offspring = different species of same genus
> No offspring = different genera
> I don't know how much it would alter existing classifications, but having
> some objective definition of genera would be good.
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