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RE: Feathered Dinos at SDNHM

Hello. I was wondering if I might ask how long this exhibit will be running?
I will be in CA either in June or July and would be very interested in
seeing it. Also, do you happen to have any recommendations for the best
dinosaur places in and around San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego if I
can only see a few?

Thank you!

Kristine Dubyn

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So I got to see the "Feathered Dinosaurs" exhibit at the San Diego Natural
History Museum this last weekend when I visited my family in California.
Unfortunately no photography was allowed in the exhibit, because the old and
new versions of Czerka's dromaeosaurs were on display. And fortunately no
photography was allowed, because a rather dopey looking life size
restoration of Therizinosaurus was on display. Looked like it belonged in
The Flinstones.

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