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New Paper

Alvarenga, H. M. F. & Höfling, E. 2003. Systematic revision of the Phorusrhacidae (Aves: Ralliformes)
Pap. Avulsos Zool. (São Paulo) vol.43 no.4, pp. 55-91.

A long overdue thorough revision of this vastly oversplit and highly confused family. Considers that northern hemisphere referred taxa (e. g. Ameghinornis) are outside the family, but closely related. Phorusrhacidae thus confined to Palaeocene through Pliocene of South America, except for *Titanis* and an indeterminate brontornithine from Seymour Island, Antarctica.

Available online at: http://www.scielo.br/pdf/paz/v43n4/17491.pdf

Tommy Tyrberg