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Baby Dinosaur Bones Back * Jurassic lark-F-111 dinosaurs * Stunning Amber * Rare Fossil in Mexican Desert * Asteroid Homing in for Earth's Closest Near-Miss

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**  Baby Dinosaur Bones Back in Montana
Some fossilized baby dinosaur bones that changed how the world thinks about
dinosaurs are back in Montana, ending a legal fight that began in 1988 and
extended through the halls of Yale and Princeton.

**  Holden sixth-grader finds rare fossil in Mexican desert
When he wasn't scraping at rock in the sun, Tyler could be found dodging
sharp plants and, at one point, a rattlesnake, in search of fossils

**  Not Dinosaurs But: Asteroid homing in for Earth's closest near-miss
The asteroid, which was first spied on Monday night and is travelling at ten
miles a second, was not thought to be bright enough to spot with the naked
eye, but should be close enough to be seen using a small telescope or

**  A REALLY big show
The moment palaeontologist Terry Wentz dreamed of was 67 million years in
the making


**  Kids dig China's paleo-past
Equipped with goggles, chisels and brushes, young visitors to the Children's
Museum of Richmond can experience palaeontologist's thrill of discovery as
they enter a simulated "dig pit" to uncover replicas of dinosaur bones

**  Jurassic lark: F-111 dinosaurs
In Perth, palaeontologist John Long of the Western Australian Museum said
the findings were "fantastic" evidence that the dinobirds were fully fledged
fliers. "It shows pterosaurs were more refined and pre-adapted to flight
than we'd previously thought," he said.

**  Stunning amber butterflies hint at ancient origins
Evidence from the five stunning amber specimens now suggests it is possible
butterflies may have even fluttered around the heads of dinosaurs, which
were wiped out 65 million years ago

**  Palaeontologist returns to museum chair
While restoring geology and the Colbert Chair is seen as a leap forward for
the museum, Bruening recognizes the institution has much more to do if it
wants to restore respect in both the local community and the community of
museums nationwide

**  Zoo expecting big turnout for dinosaur show
The robotic re-creation of the Europrocephalus, which appeared toward the
end of the Age of Dinosaurs, stood alert opposite a Diperodon - not a
dinosaur but a reptile older than dinosaurs by 40 million years

**  Petrified Forest National Park in north-eastern Arizona is looking for
palaeontology/geology summer interns

**  Pangea Institute and the Explorations V Children's Museum are hosting an
after school workshop on Mesozoic era dinosaurs

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