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Fake heads, new TV shows, new photographs, and other antics...

Finally... I have a day off from running the South Central forecaster position 
during the grave yard shift and can read my DML mail. As always, I gots a 
question about somethin... 

David Marjanovic wrote: 

>> OK. I can now declare: 
1. The hindwings are indisputable. They are not parts of the forewings. 
2. The pubes curve horizontally backwards pretty far from the tip, as in 
3. The left femoral head is damaged, and the right one probably covered. 
4. The acetabulum is a hole as always, and argues against the ability to sprawl 
-- but see 3.. << 

Dave, it's possible that I am missing something here, but why does a 
perforation of the acetabulum argue against a sprawling gate? I hope this isn't 
the same type of logic that shares a bed with the likes of "Pinnate feathers on 
a dromaeosaur indicates that such feathers were preflight in origin"... :-)

Also, were you actually doubting the validity of hindwings all this time?

Shifting gears... I'm not quite sure if this has been mentioned, but I just 
obtained a special edition of Scientific American... one of their supplemental 
mags seperate from the usual monthly publication. It's all about Dinosaurs and 
other prehistoric animals, from rexes to terror birds to antartic dinosaurs to 
ambersects to whales... All types of stuff. Basically, the mag is a 
conglomeration of articles that have been in the monthly magazine, and thus 
it's a nifty thing to have.

Also along these same lines... The inside front cover has an advertisement for 
a special that is going to air on The Science Channel on Monday, April 5th, at 
8pm e/p... The Dinosaur Feather Mystery: The first feathers? A new link between 
dinosaurs and birds... A computer generated feathered avepectoran is pictured, 
and it looks like the work of the people who did Dinosaur Planet and the like.

Shifting gears again... I also have a few new photos up in my gallery at the 


One is of a very closeup view of the vertebra chomp on Denver Museum's 
Hadrosaur, which was the topic of discussion a few weeks ago (Yes, it's a 
little late and Ken Carpenter already has a good photo up in his gallery). I 
have a slew of other photographs on the way from my visit to Denver (consider 
them a good SVP 2004 preview for those who've never been there), but they'll be 
slow to be uploaded... Working nights has made me adopt the habits of my e-mail 
adress's namesake (I'm a 15-year Anne Rice fan for those who haven't figured 
that out).

Another thing... If any of you have an interest in the Iditarod and would like 
photographs of 2004's Last Great Race, shoot me an e-mail. I'll be happy to 
send a few of my best your way.

And that's about it... for now.