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Re: Fake heads, new TV shows, new photographs, and other antics...

> >> OK. I can now declare:
> 1. The hindwings are indisputable. They are not parts of the forewings.
> 2. The pubes curve horizontally backwards pretty far from the tip, as in
> 3. The left femoral head is damaged, and the right one probably covered.
> 4. The acetabulum is a hole as always, and argues against the ability to
sprawl -- but see 3.. <<
> Dave, it's possible that I am missing something here, but why does a
perforation of the acetabulum argue against a sprawling gate?

Because the hole is in the very place that would experience most stress if
the legs were sprawling. I don't dare consider this proof -- that would be
the shape of the femoral heads --, but it is an argument. There's no sign of
even a beginning closing.

> Also, were you actually doubting the validity of hindwings all this time?

No. But they're weird. Now they're really beyond doubt. :o)

> (I'm a 15-year Anne Rice fan for those who haven't figured that out).

15? Congratulations!!!