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Those supercrested nyctosaurs

I was surprised to find that in both KJ1 and KJ2 those super crests both acted 
as super masts to support a very large soft crest, both fore and aft, visible 
as impressions in the original matrix (now painted over I hear). In addition, 
both specimens have juveniles associated and in KJ1 much of the rest of the 
skeleton is impressed. The juvies also have pretty nice little crests.

This will pretty much put to rest any association of gender with crest size or 
hip shape.

I don't know how these crests worked aerodynamically. Suffice it to say the 
sailfish is the fastest of all fish and no one (to my knowledge) has  tested 
the theory behind the practice. Any ref. help here would be gratefully 

I'll show all this and the rest in Denver at the SVP convention in October. 
It'll be a good show.

David Peters
St. Louis

PS. Sorry for the absence. I took a vacation following Phil Bigelow's query.