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Re: Those supercrested fish

> I'm not sure how the sailfish is relevant to our model of 'sail assisted
> gliding' in Nyctosaurus.  During rapid swimming the sail on the sailfish is
> retracted into a longitudinal groove that runs along the back, similar to
> the recesses for the paired fins in this and other tunniforms.  See the
> appropriate episode of 'The Blue Planet' for footage of this.
> Cheers
> Col


Still, there are plenty of times in which forward movement takes place with the
sail erect without too much ill effect.

On the same thought... In airplanes jamming the rudder pedal to the floor
doesn't affect turning right away, but it does affect drag and slows the
aircraft by presenting the broadside of the aircraft to the airstream. Perhaps
the sail acts as an efficient brake for the fastest fish in the sea.