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Re: lions and tigers oh my mistake

On Tuesday 23 Mar 2004 10:23 pm, GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> Reading more about ligers and tigons found that my claim that lions
> and tigers live together in the Gir forest without interbreeding is
> incorrect. Only lions dwell there. Perhaps because the social lion
> prides exclude the solitary tigers. Would be interesting to know what
> the interactions were like before the lions were hunted out of most
> of India.
Lions and tigers probably never lived in the same habitat in India. 
Lions prefer an open habitat. The Gir forest is not a dense forest with 
undergrowth. It is a semi-arid region with trees but not much ground 
cover with bushes. Tigers love "jungle", i.e., areas with dense 
undergrowth in which they can hide. The hunting habit of the tiger, 
solitary ambush technique, would be quite inappropriate in the Gir 
forest or similar habitat.


Gautam Majumdar

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