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Re: Chasmosaurus' weight

In a message dated 3/24/4 4:03:52 PM, Mallon wrote:

<<Greg Paul wrote:
"The 1.5 tonne mass applies to Chasmosaurus NMC 2280, femur length 762 mm. 
not aware of a specimen that is much larger."

I imagine Greg may have been referring to the mass estimate reported in his 
DinoFest paper on the topic of using models to estimate mass (I don't have 
that paper on me right now).  In either case, I just wanted to add that NMC 
2280 doesn't actually have a preserved femur, and what little *might* be 
there is completely burried in plaster, so the actual shape of the femur is 
completely a human concoction.  As such, I wouldn't suggest using it for any 
sort of study.>>

Oh really? 2280 is a real specimen and the mass estimate applies to it 
regardless of the status of the femur. In any case the length of the femur is 
appropriate judging from other specimens. 

G Paul