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Re: Chasmosaurus' weight

Jordan Mallon () wrote:

<I imagine Greg may have been referring to the mass estimate reported in 
his DinoFest paper on the topic of using models to estimate mass (I don't
have that paper on me right now). In either case, I just wanted to add
that NMC 2280 doesn't actually have a preserved femur, and what little
*might* be here is completely burried in plaster, so the actual shape of
the femur is completely a human concoction.  As such, I wouldn't suggest
using it for any sort of study.>

Greg Paul (GSP1954@aol.com) wrote:

<Oh really? 2280 is a real specimen and the mass estimate applies to it
regardless of the status of the femur. In any case the length of the femur
is appropriate judging from other specimens.>

  1. I don't think Jordan was contradicting the existence of the specimen,
as he makes it clear he is referencing the specimen itself.

  2. He was referring to the existence of a length measurement and the
habit as derived in PDW of using femoral length to provide the basis of a
mass estimate; this would not be possible if the specimen in question
lacks a femur.

  3. Perhaps Jordan was also trying to be curious about the origin of the
mass estimate and by which means it would be derived at from NMC 2280
without a femur as given? After all, Greg was quoted to having made a
statement about NMC 2280's femoral length, which doesn't exist in that
form. Perhaps Greg was using a complete femur from another specimen, and
scaled it up? If so, one should clarify.


Jaime A. Headden

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