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DINOSAURNEWS - Homeless Hopper still hoping * Symbol vs. Sensibility * Professors Revise Extinction Theory * Dinosaur Park Causes Uproar

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**  Site of Interest - From Artist to Dinosaur Hunter
What creature sees like an artist, understands bones like a doctor, uses
blow torches and plastics like an engineer, and spends summers in the Gobi

**  Homeless Hopper still hoping
Hopper, a creation of Fiberglass, steel and coal, is one of 100 dinosaurs
created and sold last year to raise money for a $35 million renovation at
the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Oakland

**  Missouri dino debate: Symbol vs. sensibility
"Just me passing this bill has gotten a lot of attention," Jetton said.
"Regardless if it does or doesn't help throughout the state, there's no
question it's going to help in my district."

**  Not Dinosaurs But: New York Scientist Finds New Mineral
Further study of the mineral will give geologists more clues of the
Precambrian Era, a time long before dinosaurs walked the Earth when life
forms were merely simple, single-celled organisms


**  Couple get to the root of their fossil find
"It's 26 feet long and there are 50-some pieces of the joints," said Wendell
Hornback, a retired electrical engineer. "When I first picked it up, I
thought, `This is surely the vertebrae of something.'"

**  Professors revise theory of dinosaurs' extinction
After years of detective work, University geosciences professor Gerta Keller
and her colleagues have found that an intensive period of volcanic eruptions
and a series of asteroid impacts likely ended the dinosaurs' reign on Earth,
challenging the dominant theory that a single cataclysmic asteroid hit
caused their extinction

**  New Dinosphere exhibit offers "one-of-a-kind" experience
Jennifer Pace Robinson, director of exhibit development at the Children's
Museum, said the core of the exhibit is the nine large fossil dinosaur
specimens the museum purchased, largely through an endowment from Eli Lilly

**  Museum seeks new dinosaur palaeontologist
The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, now embarking on a $35 million
expansion and renovation of its Dinosaur Hall, has also begun a search for a
new dinosaur palaeontologist

**  Dinosaur park causes uproar in New Bethesda
A R3-million dinosaur theme park, with life-size creatures that move and
"roar", is planned for the tiny Karoo town of New Bethesda, famous for its
Owl House - there will be 16 dinosaurs, some 17 metres long, a curio shop
and a restaurant

**  Lights Out, Curtain Up on Dino Theatre

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