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RE: bird flight

From: "Ken Carpenter" <Kcarpenter@dmns.org>

This got me wondering if the "one-size-fits-all" model of bird flight is correct. The tremendeous >variation in wing shape (long, tapering of gliders, versus short, broad of flappers) would suggest >that there may be more subtle variation in wing movement than realized... Perhaps bird flight >needs a new assessment!

Aye. I get the same impression as Dr. Carpenter. We've covered everything in my biomechanics class this year from the movement of vultures 'round thermal shells, to the mid-ocean soarings of the albatross, to the mechanics of WAIR. But when it came to the actual physics of powered bird flight, we only just barely skimmed the subject since the science today is nowhere near as cut-and-dry as how the professor used to teach it. Less to have to study for the exam, I guess... :-P

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