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nycto fingers, alt. answer

Tracy Ford wrote:

> >Then why did pterosaurs retain the manus all the way to the K/T?<< 
> Not all of them did. According to Benett's SVP talk in Mexico City, 
> Nyctosaurs (with that weird crest) lacks a manus, and he was referring 
> to all Nyctosaurus. 

Todd Marshall wrote: 
â?|no digits 1-3 on the manus. Is this because there is
no evidence of the digits in the fossil record for this animal? Is this a
trait in this species? Or am I taking Greg's reconstruction to literally and
assume there should be these digits?

>>>> alt answer:
As hitchhiking juveniles, all pterosaur babies needed four on the floor so they 
kept their foreclaws.
In Nyctosaurus the medial fingers apparently do not ossify in adults, so 
everyone, including myself and 
Chris Bennett, considered them gone. Nevertheless, they are present in at least 
four examples 
and I'll be showing some in October. 

David Peters