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Re: nycto fingers

> > In Nyctosaurus the medial fingers apparently do not ossify in adults,
> > [...]
> D. Marjanovic wrote:
> How are they present? As skin impressions?
> >>>>>
> As bone impressions without color.

So you suggest the following scenario: first the skin, muscles and
connective tissue rots away, then the cartilage is impressed, and then the
cartilage rots away? Because... this isn't going to happen. The cartilage
will have finished rotting before the skin.

> Also, I should add, when you think something shouldn't be there, that
> something is easy to overlook. Like clavicles on dinosaurs.

Those aren't all that easy to overlook. When they weren't supposed to be
there, they were occasionally misinterpreted (interclavicle, gastralia, os
penis...), but not overlooked. On the other hand, they like to fall off
after death (when the connective tissue rots), so they are regularly
genuinely missing in otherwise complete, articulated skeletons like the
fighting *Velociraptor*.