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re: Nycto fingers

Sorry to be a day late. If I'm not copied I only get the DML mail when I
read the archives.

Previously I wrote:

> > In Nyctosaurus the medial fingers apparently do not ossify in
> > [...]
> D. Marjanovic wrote:
> How are they present? As skin impressions?
> >>>>>
> As bone impressions without color.

DM wrote:

So you suggest the following scenario: first the skin, muscles and
connective tissue rots away, then the cartilage is impressed, and then
cartilage rots away? Because... this isn't going to happen. The
will have finished rotting before the skin.

Occam's razor aside, not sure we're talking about ordinary cartilage >
bone here. And not sure we're talking about rotting away here. Something
is maintaining a shape long enough for an impression to be made. That's
all I know. In this case it might be better to start with the
observation and come up with an explanation later.

Wish you could come over to look at my monitor. Otherwise, you'll see it
all in Denver. And in the meantime, follow the technique and check it
out for yourself. The fingers are where fingers are supposed to be. Just
play with the contrast. Send me your results if frustrated. I'll help

David Peters
St. Louis