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Re: St. George dinosaur sit site

I am well aware of contractor/owner/budget/deadline motives and I realize
everybody is between a rock and a hard place. I am on the side of the rock!

Being in architecture for 23 years you learn a lot about people. I am
looking from the perspective of how to best preserve our paleontological
heritage. Opposite sides tend to label the other as the foe.

Yeah, everybody got'ta make a buck...but that's a big problem with society
and the way we do (or allow to be done) things.

Good Dinosaur Hunting,

Dave Friend
Prehistorics Illustrated

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> Speaking as a former general contractor, contractors are more often
victims than
> villains.
> JimC
> Paleotracks wrote:
> > Is the City the driving force behind the destruction of these
impressions or
> > is the contractor the villain?