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Re: St. George dinosaur sit site

Dear List,

    Apparently no one read my post from a few days ago.Some of the
tracksites and by no means all, or the majority, are on extremely valuable
PRIVATE property. The state paleontologist, Jim Kirkland, Saint George
Paleontologist, Andrew Milner, and The Utah Friends of Paleontology are not
some Holy trinity that can raise thier collective arms, and make the greedy
land developers scurry back into the shadows with the bal rocs. What kind of
clout do the paleontologists in your area have?
    I lost a lucretive museum commission in Central California last year,
because of clashes between the land owners and the museum people.Right now,
that project has been stalled.
    At the risk of sounding redundant, it is a miracle that millions of
dollars of land, and countless man hours were dedicated to the track site to
begin with. Sometime we have to cut our losses and be grateful for what we
were able to preserve. And no, we don't have to like it.

Cliff Green
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> Surely someone like Jim Kirkland, the state paleontologist, would have
> clout to get a stop order on this unnecessary destruction of a valuable
> find. Seems like an ironic instance of commerce over science.
> Good Dinosaur Hunting,
> Dave Friend
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> >
> > < If they are really going to do this as fast as tomorrow,  there should
> be
> > someone in Utah who could take legal action? >
> > I looked hopefully for Jim Kirkland to appear and perhaps say something
> about
> > legal action.  The only person who talked was the volunteer coordinator.
> The
> > url in my original post has:  "How to Help - To volunteer at the Johnson
> Farm
> > Dinosaur Track Site, call Theresa Walker at (435) 703-3776."
> >
> > <  Get a tpo of some kind to postpone the destruction of the trackways.
> Do
> > you know if anyone is trying that. Jane D>
> > No, I don't, but with the number of paleontologists who have visited the
> site
> > (and St. George also has a city paleontologist), you would think so.
> >
> > Mary
> >