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F/S Donald F. Glut 3 book set - Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia & Supplements 1 and 2


I hope you will not  mind I am taking a chance to offer for sale 
a few paleontology books.

I have for sale the following 3 books set 
of "Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia" by D. Glut :

- Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia  ( Amazon.com price is $145.00 )
  Donald F. Glut, Foreword by Michael K. Brett-Surman

- Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia, Supplement 1 ( Amazon.com price is $60.00
  by Donald F. Glut, Ralph E. Molnar

- Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia, Supplement 2  ( mazon.com price is $95.00
  Donald F. Glut, Foreword by Philip J. Currie

All three books are 100% mint, new, never used.
Regular retail price ( at Amazon.com ) total for this 3 books set is
$300.00 total.

I am asking price of $200.00 + shipping.

Would make great addition to your collection, and a great gift as well.

If you are interested, please, contact me directly to my e-mail address


Books will be shipped in very sturdy, durable package box, with a lot of
making sure books will arrive in mint , perfect shape to destination.

Many thanks,