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Dinosaurs of Darkness * Chook Pen Secrets * Discovery in SW China * Dinosaur Tracks in Utah and Urgent Action * Eggs 67 million years old

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**  Polar Dinos Spotlighted in "Dinosaurs of Darkness" Exhibition
For the last two decades a handful of dinosaur hunters have been chipping
fossils from the ice in Antarctica, pulling them from mines dug especially
to find the bones in Australia, excavating them from streambeds in New
Zealand, and digging them out of frozen riverbanks in Alaska and the cold
steppes of Patagonia

**  Make-a-saurus in our own back yard
When 14 dinosaurs, including adolescent velociraptors playing skirmish,
descended from Mt Glorious recently to find the mouth of the Brisbane River,
it was Groves who packed them safely inside a 7m shipping crate

**  Eggs 67 million years old
A 67 million-year-old Segnosaurus egg nest from the Cretaceous period has
become part of the fascinating display of prehistoric artefacts here, thanks
to a donation by geologist and palaeontologist Doug Frost, of Salem

**  Chook pen offers up its prehistoric secret
The creature fossilised and was picked up and forgotten by the property
owner until Troy Myers, curator of Richmond's Kronosaurus Korner walked by
the fowl house

**  Not Dinosaurs But : Prehistoric DNA to Help Solve Human-Evolution
Though a very long shot, he said, it is theoretically possible that even
dinosaur fossils (the youngest of which are 60 million years old) could
harbour some genetic information


**  Gold-leafed dinosaur damaged by graffiti
Timothy J. Sloser, of Oakmont, said he was very disappointed someone would
damage the statue known as Dino-Gold, which he bought for $4,000 from the
Carnegie Museum of Natural History and then lent to the high school.

**  Outback visitors to enjoy dinosaur tourism
The Queensland Museum has teamed up with tourist operators to launch holiday
packages aimed at showcasing the fossil history in the state's outback, in
what is believed to be an Australian-first

**  Dinosaur fossil discovered in SW China
Belonging to the Mamenxi dinosaur of the sauropod family, the dinosaur lived
in the late Jurassic period about 130 million years ago

**  Scientists Find Dinosaur Tracks in Utah
Two impressions, made about 200 million years ago when the dinosaur sat
down, were found March 17 in St. George, in south-western Utah, as
scientists were investigating the area around a planned dinosaur museum

**  Paleontological community action is urgently needed to preserve the
important new discoveries at the St. George, Utah dinosaur track site

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