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Re: King Kong Casting News - Carl Denham TO Be Played By...

King Kong may be the best oppurtunity for a REALLY good diosaur movie.  you 
know, like the good old days, where they weren't burdened by the facts.

Technology wasn't good enough that moviegoers would worry about scientific 
With Jurassic park, the things had the POTENTIAL  to look and move so 
realisticly, that, when they didn't, people noticed.

With King Kong, PJ will not be limited by "Scientific accuracy", in that these 
dinosaurs are NOT clones, but remnants, with the potential to look/act exactly 
how he wants them to.  So nobody can complain about scientific accuracy, or 
gripe, or nitpick....and everyone who nitpicked about things like brachiosaurs 
being too fat in JP3, or skull shpes being wrong, stegosaurs beign the size of 
godzilla...will just have to enjoy the movie.