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RE: Long Horizontal Necks Re: Vertebrae of Early Sauropods

From: "Richard W. Travsky" <rtravsky@uwyo.edu>
Question - what would the effects be on sauropod head and brain if it
quickly sung its neck around? Kinda like a centrifuge, with blood pooling?

Why would it need to swing the neck quickly? (admittedly, the 'cudgel' idea probably needs to be nixed) You eat the patch of foliage on the extreme right, swing a foot to the left and continue. When you reach the extreme left, take one step, eat and then swing a foot tot he right. All very slow and deliberate and less stressful than continued walking.

There might also valves within the circulatory system to prevents just such spikes of local pressure. I admit, I'm stepping into the realm of rampant speculation, but I know flow-back prevention valves exist, so "flow-forward" prevention valves aren't such a _tremendous_ leap.

The _real_ question is how would a vertical necked sauropod take a drink? The minute it lowered its head, the increased pressure would basically pop the skull right off. ;-) I _think_ "Dinosaur Heresies" answered that one (it's where I remember the amusing drawing from), but it's been too long since I last went through that, and now it's in storage.

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