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New ankylosaur paper- Bissektipelta gen. nov.

Parish, Jolyon & Paul Barrett, 2004. A reappraisal of the ornithischian dinosaur *Amtosaurus magnus* Kurzanov and Tumanova 1978, with comments on the status of *A. archibaldi* Averianov 2002. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 41 (3): 299-306.

Abstract: A fragmentary braincase from the Baynshirenskaya Svita (Cenomanian?Turonian) of Amtgay, Omnogov, People's Republic of Mongolia was described as the holotype specimen of the ankylosaurid dinosaur, *Amtosaurus magnus* Kurzanov and Tumanova 1978. However, the validity of this genus has been questioned by several authors. Recently, a second species, based on a fragmentary specimen consisting of a braincase and partial skull roof, was assigned to *Amtosaurus* as *A. archibaldi* Averianov 2002. Here we re-assess the status of Amtosaurus and of the referred species, A. archibaldi. We conclude that "*Amtosaurus magnus*" is a nomen dubium that should be regarded as Ornithischia indeterminate. However, "*A*." *archibaldi* is a valid taxon, characterized by an autapomorphic feature of the skull roof, and we refer this species to the new genus *Bissektipelta*.

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