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Re: Long Horizontal Necks Re: Vertebrae of Early Sauropods

On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 09:28:50AM +0100, Mike Taylor scripsit:
> The DinoMorph paper _appears_ to show that _Diplodocus_ and (to a
> lesser extent) _Apatosaurus_ were limited to a range of neck movement
> that keeps the head relatively low, rather than allowing them to adopt
> the traditional swan-necked high-browsing posture.  If that's true,
> then it doesn't seem to leave many other uses for the long necks than
> side-to-side sweeping, or possibly feeding below foot-level at the
> margins of lakes and rivers.

Or high browsing in a bipedal/tail down tripod stance.

It'd be interesting to see how they got both close to the tree and
reared up if the neck movement is limited -- the image of foliage
crashing everywhere as the rigid bar of the big neck slams through it is
hard to shake -- but the range of neck motion doesn't at all preclude
high feeding, it just precludes _quadrupedal_ high feeding.

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