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Re: Long Horizontal Necks Re: Vertebrae of Early Sauropods

On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Graydon wrote:
> [...]
> It'd be interesting to see how they got both close to the tree and
> reared up if the neck movement is limited -- the image of foliage
> crashing everywhere as the rigid bar of the big neck slams through it is
> hard to shake -- but the range of neck motion doesn't at all preclude
> high feeding, it just precludes _quadrupedal_ high feeding.

Actually, knocking the foliage/trees/whatever down is a nice use
of the neck. Puts the food down at browsing level. Don't know how 
heavily muscled the necks were - some, no doubt - in order to do this.
Perhaps the vertebrae would show some signs of having been used in this