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Dragons in the Dust: The Paleobiology of the Giant Monitor Lizard Megalania

I was looking through the archives and could find no
details of this recently released book, so I'm writing
in to ask if anyone here has it or has seen it yet. 
If so how would you rate the accuracy of the text and
illustrations? i.e do the images of Megalania show
more of the teeth than was likely for a monitor?  How
heavily illustrated is the book?  Are they mainly
color or black and white images?  Are any other
ancient lizards or Australian prehistoric life
covered?  One thing that I like is that the images in
this book appear to incorporate the crocodilian-like
ridges over the eyes that I've heard Megalania
possessed but haven't really noticed in other
reconstructions, which tend to look more like giant
duplicates of komodo dragons or overly toothy beasts
that don't much resemble a monitor lizard. 

Thanks in advance.  If anyone wants to see the cover
of the book they can go here.

Jonathan Schmidt