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Re: Dinosaurs of Darkness * Chook Pen Secrets * Discovery in SW China * Dinosaur Tracks in Utah and Urgent Action * Eggs 67 million years old

Roger Smith reported:
> **  Chook pen offers up its prehistoric secret
> The creature fossilised and was picked up and forgotten by the property
> owner until Troy Myers, curator of Richmond's Kronosaurus Korner walked by
> the fowl house...

To quote the article:

Because of the museum's new status as a donor recipient for the Federal
Government's cultural gifts program, more Richmond district producers
bringing in fossils found on their properties. 

"This means that if a property owner finds something significant and is
prepared to donate it to the museum, we organise for an official
valuation to
be made. 

"Based on that valuation, the producer gets a tax credit. If something
worth $200,000 the producer would get that in a tax credit over one year
spread over five." 



What a great idea. If only they could do this in the opal-producing
areas as well. There are so many stories of articulated specimens being
brought to the surface, only to be cut up for their opal content.
Although I suspect that such a large tax credit could probably last your
average opal miner the rest of their lives. :)


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