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Diplodocoidea vs. Diplodocimorpha

Dear DMLers,

I have one more request.  I am interested in the group Diplodocimorpha
as used at both the Dinosauricon and the Dinosauria On-Line websites:

The Dinosauricon cites the definition {Diplodocus > Saltasaurus}, but
doesn't give a reference for it; and the Dinosauria On-Line cladogram
doesn't give a definition but has comparable content.

I'd understood that this definition was usually named Diplodocoidea,
but the Dinosauricon uses this for a diplodocimorph subclade, defined
as {Diplodocus + Dicraeosaurus}, also without a reference.  This group
omits the rebbachisaurs according to prevailing phylogenies.  And
again, the Dinosauria On-Line cladogram is congruent with this,
although there's no definition given.

My questions: can anyone tell me the reference for Diplodocimorpha?
And does anyone know who is responsible for the narrower node-based
definition of Diplodocoidea?

Many thanks.

(Now, no-one define Diplodociformes!  :-)

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