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Re: Spinosuchus caseanus

Jaime Headden wrote-

> <Has anybody seen this study, and/or know what this "new interpretation"
> is?
>   Richards, H. Robins III, M.S. Osteology and relationships of
> _Spinosuchus caseanus_ Huene, 1932 from Texas (Dockum Group, Upper
> Triassic): a new interpretation. December 17, 1999. Richard J. Zakrzewski,
> Thesis Advisor. Fort Hays University, Department of Geosciences.>
>   I received a copy of thise and talked to Robins for a little on the
> topic. This taxon is considered to be a prolacertiform that compares well
> to *Tanystropheus* and *Protorosaurus* in various features. It lacks
> virtually every vertebral dinosaurian apomorphy.

I'm confused by Jaime's statements, as Richards states the closest
resemblence is to Trilophosaurus.  He doesn't mention prolacertiformes or
Protorosaurus in the relationships section of his dissertation.

Mickey Mortimer