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Re: Chased by Dinosaurs

I get the feeling that these are just publicity shots,
that look good dramatically but have no relation to
what actually happens. There were several from WWD as
well, including two Tyrannosaurs fighting and a
portrait-length picture of the Diplodocus/Allosaurus
face-off. My personal favourite is the Tyrannosaur
running through the falling debris from the meteor


 --- Amtoine Grant <ajgrant@eastlink.ca> wrote: 
> Is on right now, so it'll probably be on again
> later. But I have a  
> question about this series. Are there more than one
> version of this?  
> Because I have seen clips that apparently are from
> this feature, but  
> nowhere in it do you actually see it. And I've
> watched it like 5 times  
> so far.
> One is on the top-front of the Chased by Dinosaurs
> box. It shows a  
> mosasaur breaching the water to grab a pterosaur in
> the air. This also  
> on Frametore's website  
> Another depicts a Sarcosuchus grabbing an iguanodont
> in the water  
> index.html) and the other
> The last, from that same page, depicts an allosaurid
> vs an iguanodont.
> Are these cutting room floor clips, deleted sceners,
> or just stills?

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