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RE: Romer Prize Talk

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> Jonathan R. Wagner
> Because this is the Theropod Discussion List, I wanted to point out the
> following talk for those of you coming to SVP. It is by Ron Tykoski, who,
> in addition to being a damned decent paleontologist, also co-wrote the D2
> chapter on ceratosaurs. I cannot recommend Ron's perspective on
> non-tetanurine theropod phylogenetics highly enough; he has certainly
> caught onto something that other authors have missed. The talk is at a very
> convenient time (i.e., not at 8:30 on Saturday morning), so you have no
> excuse for missing it.
> 11:30   Plaza Ballroom A/B            [ROMER PRIZE SESSION]
> Ontogenetic stage assessment and the position of Coelophysoidea within
> basal Theropoda
> TYKOSKI, Ronald

And if someone could take good notes on this, I'd be very glad to see them...  
My flight doesn't get in until mid-morning Wed., so I
will miss the Romer Prize session!

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