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RE: The Dinosauria 2nd Ed. - Phylogenetic Taxonomy

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> Mickey Mortimer
> One of the great things about this book is the emphasis on cladistics and
> phylogenetic taxonomy.  Each taxonomic chapter provides phylogenetic
> definitions, some of which are new.  This is generally done better in the
> saurischian chapters, and is best in the theropod chapters.  The latter have
> many clades with species-level specifiers.  A list of explicit definitions
> follows, and does not include more generalized statements such as "clade x
> contains taxa y and z", for instance.  Citations in parentheses are those
> given by the authors, though one should note not all are accurate, and most
> which lack citations are not original.
> Holtz and Osmolska

And Weishampel (uncredited), who transformed the Theropoda chapter into the 
Saurischia chapter, and who is responsible for the first
two of these.

> Saurischia (Tyrannosaurus <- Triceratops)
> Sauropodomorpha (Saltasaurus <- Theropoda) (Galton and Upchurch, this vol.)
> Theropoda (Passer domesticus <- Cetiosaurus oxoniensis) (emend. Padian and
> May, 1993)
> Maniraptoriformes (Ornithomimus velox + Passer domesticus)
> Maniraptora (Passer domesticus <- Ornithomimus velox)
> Paraves (Passer domesticus <- Oviraptor philoceratops)
> Eumaniraptora (Deinonychus antirhoppus + Passer domesticus)
> Deinonychosauria (Deinonychus antirhoppus <- Passer domesticus) (Padian et
> al., 1999)
> Deinonychosauria (Dromaeosaurus albertensis + Troodon formosus) (Sereno,
> 1998)
> - This definition of Saurischia is new, though inferior to (Megalosaurus
> bucklandi <- Iguanodon bernissartensis) in my opinion.

And mine, too.

>  The authors have no
> preference for which version of Deinonychosauria is used.  Sereno's is
> invalid since it does not include Deinonychus as a specifier.

> Holtz
> Tyrannosauroidea (Tyrannosaurus rex <- Allosaurus fragilis, Ornithomimus
> velox, Deinonychus antirhoppus)
> Tyrannosauridae (Gorgosaurus libratus + Albertosaurus sarcophagus +
> Daspletosaurus torosus + Tarbosaurus bataar + Tyrannosaurus rex)
> Albertosaurinae (Albertosaurus sarcophagus <- Tyrannosaurus rex)
> Tyrannosaurinae (Tyrannosaurus rex <- Albertosaurus sarcophagus)
> - The first published good definition of Tyrannosauridae.

Thanks. Although they weren't coauthors on this (maybe edition III?), Thom 
Carr, Tom Williamson, and Chris "Tom" Brochu were
instrumental in coming up with this definition of Tyrannosauridae (in a group 
effort at SVP in Bozeman a couple of years ago).

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