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SVP Student Forum and Reprint Exchange


I just wanted to remind all of the students out on the list that SVP will
once again be hosting a Student Forum and Reprint Exchange. If past years
are any measure, this will be a great opportunity to interact with
professional paleontologists, get some good career advice, and enlarge your

And, if you have any extra reprints that you can't wait to get rid of,
please bring them along with you to the meeting! We'll have a collection
point near the registration desk (or you can give them to Chris Brochu or

The forum and reprint exchange will be held on Thursday, Nov. 4, from 6:30
p.m. to 8 p.m., in the Majestic Ballroom at the Adams Mark Hotel.

List of forum topics and participants (as it stands at the moment):

 Applying to Graduate School - Julia Clarke (North Carolina State
University) [Julia has the unique perspective of being a recent graduate
school graduate, as well as someone looking for graduate students!]

 Getting a Job in Paleontology - Pat O'Connor (Ohio University) and
Jennifer Cavin (Augustana College) [Pat will discuss getting jobs in
academia, and Jen will talk about jobs as a preparator]

 Getting Tenure - Chris Brochu (University of Iowa). [Chris will discuss
all sorts of topics relevant to those in the early part of their academic

 NSF Grants and Fellowships - Cathy Forster (Stony Brook University).
[Cathy recently finished a stint at NSF, and she has guided many students
towards successful NSF Pre-Doctoral Fellowships and Dissertation Improvement

 Organizing Your Own Field Project - Doug Boyer and Karen Samonds (Stony
Brook University). [Doug and Karen will discuss how to organize a successful
and safe expedition. Doug has been active in fieldwork here in the US, and
Karen has led fieldwork in Madagascar]

 Preparing and Submitting a Paper for JVP - Mark Wilson (University of
Alberta). [Mark is senior editor for JVP]

 Tips for SVP Abstracts, Posters, and Presentations - Greg Buckley
(Roosevelt University). [Greg Buckley is on the program committee for SVP,
in charge of organizing our abstract volume]

 Fieldwork Opportunities in Utah - Mike Getty and Mark Loewen (University
of Utah) [Mike and Mark will discuss student-friendly opportunities for
fieldwork in the Mesozoic of Utah.]

 Working With the Media - Greg Erickson (Florida State University) [Greg
will discuss how to handle the pressures of newsmedia as well as effectively
communicate your research to the public]

 Graduate Student Perspectives - Anjali Goswami (University of Chicago) [in
a new forum topic, Anjali will talk about many of the issues facing new grad
students, with a voice of experience]

 Writing Grants - Jim Meade (Northern Arizona University) [a successful
grantwriter and someone who has helped many students with their own grants,
Jim returns for another year in the forum]

 Applying for Collecting Permits - Dale Hansen (Bureau of Land Management)
[in another new forum topic, Dale will talk about the ins and outs of
working with government agencies]

See you in Denver!