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Chinese bird embryo reconstruction

Just curious about what that little Chinese embryo looked like once hatched, so 
I took the Nature drawing and pushed it around in Photoshop. The results can be 
found at:


It's fascinating how really little that bird embryo is. In the bottom picture 
are some of the smallest pterosaurs and a housefly to scale (sorry for the 
blur, they are abit enlarged from the website to here). 

Just wondering, with this verified embryo, what the thoughts are concerning it 
and comparisons to putative ptero juvies.

Also, can the bird be identified (or nested) now that it is out of the shell?

If precocial, as reported, it would have taken very small steps due to its size 
alone. Quick ones, perhaps, but small nevertheless. At first glance the feet 
look cumbersome, but let's toss that prejudicial statement aside and hear what 
others have to say.

Interesting stuff.

And yes, I voted this morning.

David Peters