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Re: Chinese bird embryo reconstruction

As far as I know, all juvenile amniotes have 'cumbersome' feet - just look
at a puppy next time you're around one. Apart from a tendency to trip over
themselves a bit, they seem to get around fine.


        Christopher Taylor

On 3/11/04 7:14 am, "david peters" <davidrpeters@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Just curious about what that little Chinese embryo looked like once hatched,
> so I took the Nature drawing and pushed it around in Photoshop. The results
> can be found at:
> http://www.pterosaurinfo.com/bird_embryo_recon.html
> It's fascinating how really little that bird embryo is. In the bottom picture
> are some of the smallest pterosaurs and a housefly to scale (sorry for the
> blur, they are abit enlarged from the website to here).
> Just wondering, with this verified embryo, what the thoughts are concerning it
> and comparisons to putative ptero juvies.
> Also, can the bird be identified (or nested) now that it is out of the shell?
> If precocial, as reported, it would have taken very small steps due to its
> size alone. Quick ones, perhaps, but small nevertheless. At first glance the
> feet look cumbersome, but let's toss that prejudicial statement aside and hear
> what others have to say.
> Interesting stuff.
> And yes, I voted this morning.
> David Peters