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RE: New Moroccan sauropod paper

Christopher Taylor wrote:

    By the way, are any Titanosauria known from Africa, or was it the
exclusive domain of more basal forms?

Aside from basal forms like _Malawisaurus_, there is _Aegyptosaurus_. This is a more derived (and possibly indeterminate) titanosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Egypt. _Algoasaurus_ from South Africa has been called a titanosaur too; the genus it is probably a nomen dubium. _Janenschia_ has been called a Late Jurassic titanosaur; but a more recent appraisal suggests it is actually a camarasaurid (Bonaparte et al., 2000). This last study also removed the vertebrae from _Janenschia_, and limited this taxon solely to limb elements; this study also erected the new sauropod genus _Tendaguria_.

If you include Madagascar, there is the derived titanosaur _Rapetosaurus_ and at least one other (unnamed) form.


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