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Re: Pitohui poison: from beetles?

On Tuesday 02 Nov 2004 22:59, pheret wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, Dino Guy Ralph wrote:
> > It appears that the _Pitohui_, the New Guinea bird infamous for its
> > toxic feathers and skin, derives its poison from a diet that
> > includes beetles of the genus, _Choresine_ . . .
> anteaters apparently build up folic acid from the ants they eat,
> which makes them very unpalatable.  baby anteaters ride on their
> parents until they acquire enuff folic acid to make them untasty, as
> well!  not related to the bird/dino thing, but still interesting.
Dendrobatid frogs may also get their poison from ants.

See: Caldwell J, et al, Journal of Zoology,  240: 75-101
Also: Roseneath W,  BBC Wildlife (January) 1997; p 15


Gautam Majumdar

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