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Re: I'm searching for era assignment of the last 15 genera, please help

Vladimír Socha wrote-

> *Borealosaurus (LK) Cenomanian-Turonian
> Chuanjiesaurus (MJ) Early Middle Jurassic
> Genyodectes (LK) Late Cretaceous
> *Hudiesaurus (LJ) Tithonian
> *Jingshanosaurus (EJ) Hettangian
> Kangnasaurus (EK) Late Jurassic-Valanginian
> Kunmingosaurus (EJ) Sinemurian
> *Magnirostris (LK) Middle Campanian
> *Malawisaurus (EK) Aptian
> Shanxia (LK) Late Cretaceous
> *Shuangmiaosaurus (EK,LK) Cenomanian-Turonian
> Siamosaurus (LJ) Hauterivian-Valanginian
> *Sinornithomimus (LK) Aptian-Albian
> Tianzhenosaurus (LK) Late Cretaceous
> *Yimenosaurus (EJ) Pliensbachian-Toarcian

The ages are mostly from The Dinosauria 2nd Ed..

> Let alone the question, if they are all valid.

I'd say the ones marked with an asterisk are valid, Chuanjiesaurus and
Kunmingosaurus are possibly valid once they are described in more detail,
while Tianzhenosaurus and Shanxia are controversial.  Siamosaurus and
Genyodectes are believably indeterminate, while Kangnasaurus is supposed to
be as well (though I have no personal opinion).

Mickey Mortimer
Undergraduate, Earth and Space Sciences
University of Washington
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