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RE: Strangest thing at the SVP...

> From: Jaime A. Headden [mailto:qilongia@yahoo.com]
> Tom Holtz (tholtz@geol.umd.edu) wrote:
> <...was the Photoshopped hoax "Men of the SVP" calendar.  Featuring (in
> non-chronologic order)  Jim Mead, Bob Bakker, Phil Currie, Paul Sereno,
> Jack Horner, Scott Sampson, Jim Farlow, Jim Kirkland, Peter Dodson, Kevin
> Padian, Hans-Dieter Sues, and... well... umm...>
>   Indeed, according to the calendar, Tom was the ONLY dressed man for it

Not true: Sereno was wearing a tux...

> ... and thus shall live a set of imagery I shall never forget despite
> trying. However, December Man was the one most remember, I think. While
> silent auction records went for between $20-25,

Actually, the silent auction one went for $190!!

> the live auction version
> went for over $200, especially since all the "participants" in the
> calendar signed it :) (which reminds me, a signed volume from ALL the
> authors of _the Dinosauria_ (2nd. Ed.) went for over $500, and the proud
> owner would later tell me she will have that book buried with her ... love
> you, Jeri!!

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