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RE: The Dinosauria 2nd Ed. - Saurischia taxonomy and phylogeny

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

Edmarka rex = Torvosaurus tanneri
Eobrontosaurus yahnahpin = Camarasaurus sp.

In one fell swoop, two of Bakker's genera have been nixed.

Dromiceiomimus brevitertius, D. samueli = Ornithomimus edmontonicus

One day we might see the new combination _D. edmontonicus_ - depending on how finely calibrated one's genericometer is.

Aliwalia resembles sauropodomorphs more than theropods,

This is interesting, considering that the type material for _Aliwalia rex_ was found mixed in with the bones of _Euskelosaurus_ and _Orosaurus_.

nd- Aetonyx, Agrosaurus, Anchisaurus solus, Aristosaurus, Dimodosaurus,
Dromicosaurus, Eucnemesaurus, Euskelosaurus africanus, Fulengia,
Gigantoscelus, Gresslyosaurus,

Moser recently resurrected _Gresslyosaurus_ as a valid genus, based on sacral characters.

Upchurch et al.


I think it's interesting that _Tienshanosaurus_ and _Sonorasaurus_ are regarded as _nomina dubia_, but _Titanosaurus indicus_ and _T. blanfordi_ and _Ornithopsis_ are treated as valid (if I understand your notation correctly).