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A Mile-High DML Get-together

The 8th Annual Dinosaur Mailing List Get-together was held last Thursday 
morning at the Trattoria Colorado in the Adam's Mark Hotel in Denver.  The 
breakfast was well-attended, with old and new friends sampling the restaurant's 
continental breakfast.  Jim Farlow, Mike Habib, Tom Holtz, Ken Carpenter, 
Yvonne Wilson, Pete Buchholz, Cliff Green, Eileen Green, Benjamin Green, 
Anastasia Green, Morgan Churchill, Thom Holmes, Kris Kripchak, Donna Braginatz, 
Jonathan Wagner, Michael Skrepnick, Luis Rey, Mark Hallett, Ralph Molnar, 
Barbara Molnar, Jaime Headden, Andy Farke, Sam McLeod, Steve Brusatte, Tiffany 
Miller, Dick Peirce, and Mary Kirkaldy introduced themselves and related 
astoundingly unscientific information about the toy dinosaurs which were on the 
tables.  Leftover dinosaurs were donated to the auction--and did very well!  We 
had many fun prizes (thank you to everyone who donated something) and rushed 
out to the talks on time. 
In an interesting case of convergent evolution, another DML Breakfast had been 
set up in the other building by mistake, and that function was advertised on 
the hotel tv! Everything was straightened out with Catering, as we were the 
only genuine DML Breakfast--accept no substitutes.