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RE: Deinonychosaur, Spinosaur, or Chimaera?

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> Hello,
> Firstly, I wish to thank everyone who talked with me at SVP, and to all those
> involved in organizing the meeting and presenting talks and posters - great
> job, terrific meeting.
> Secondly, I am wondering what people thought of the new purported
> deinonychosaur presented by Novas Wednesday afternoon.  When the slide of the
> skull came up, I could not help but notice that it looked a heck of a lot like
> a spinosaurid; it was noted that the animal possesses conical teeth without
> serrations. So, what say you: weird deinonychosaur, weird spinosaur, or
> chimaera?

While I thought much the same thing, we will just have to Wait for The Paper in 
order to see the argument that they are the same

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