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Student forum and reprint exchange thank you

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the SVP student forum and reprint
exchange a great success. Nearly 190 students attended this year (a 25%
increase over last year!), and I think that pretty much everyone who
attended got something useful (reprint, interaction with professional
colleagues or students, etc.). I especially thank all of the SVP members who
helped with roundtable discussions or donated reprints.

The student forum has become a larger event with every year. As its size
increases, I realize that we must reorganize the event so as to make it
accessible and enjoyable for as many students as possible. Please send me
*any* comments or suggestions (OFF LIST), all of which will be taken into
account for planning next year's forum.

Best wishes,

Andy Farke
SVP Student Liaison

Andrew A. Farke, Graduate Student
Department of Anatomical Sciences
Stony Brook University
T8 040 Health Sciences Center
Stony Brook, NY  11794-8081
Phone: 631-444-7364
Email: afarke@ic.sunysb.edu