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Re: Coelurosauravus: glider? or bluffer?

--- Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com>

> David Peters wrote:
> >Only Coelurosauravus uses spars/rods that are
> >dermal in origin 
> I'm not sure why you would claim that dermal
> structures are too weak to 
> support a gliding membrane.  Aren't rhino horns
> of dermal origin?  Porcupine 
> quills?

While they are dermal in origin, aren't they
still bone?

"The most diagnostic features of Coelurosauravus
are the chameleon-like frill at the
back of the skull roof, formed primarily by
the squamosals, and the presence of numerous
long, rodlike bones that supported a
lateral gliding membrane"
from Frey /et al/ SCIENCE VOL. 275 pg1451-2

They also note that the structures have been
mistaken for various other boney elements, such
as ribs and even fin rays in fish.

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