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Re: Coelurosauravus: glider? or bluffer?

In Icarosaurus and Coelurosauravus, youâ?Tve only got skin and the same minor dermal muscles that cause feathers and quills to erect.

How do you know?

And thereâ?Ts no anchor deeper than the dermis in Coelurosauravus.

Remember that your jaw muscles attach to dermal bones only. Also remember that the clavicles are dermal.

If Coelurosauravus was a good glider, why do we see improvements at the spar bases in Kuehneosaurids, right where the hypothetical weaknesses have been located in their purported ancestors?

Why do you not only proclaim *Coelurosauravus* to be the sistergroup of Kuehneosauridae, which would already be a rather... new claim, but instead treat *C.* as the _ancestor_ of Kuehneosauridae???