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Re: Coelurosauravus: glider? or bluffer?

Bringing human anatomy into Permian diapsid discussions is inappropriate in most instances.

No, because I wasn't trying to say that *Kuehneosaurus* and *Coelurosauravus* are apes. Instead I wanted to suggest a functional reason for why this character appears in both of them as well as in us.
And in the process, I almost forgot the one and only _important_ point: One character is one character. If you want to overturn the existing cladograms which show *C.* and *K.* far apart, you'll need a great deal more characters.

Skin alone in the case of Coelurosauravus, and the shiver muscles in the dermis, nothing deeper. Nothing connected to the skeleton proper or its muscles - other than a butt joint (the weakest of all in carpentry) on the very tip of the rib with dermal fascia separating it.

And what about flying fish?