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Re: Dinosauria II Data (Illustrations)

Gera Mirantsev

> I have the first edition but it hadn't got any photos
> (except of Sauropelta and Edmontonia). What's about
> the second edition?

There are a few- Archaeopteryx, Confuciusornis, Apsaravis, ankylosaur CT
nasal cavity sections, dinosaur CT nasal cavity sections (for turbinal
discussion), Sinosauropteryx and Scipionyx body cavity...

> I'm interested also in illustrations
> of alvarezsaurids,

The only illustration is a tiny line drawing life recon of an alvarezsaurid
by the bird cladogram (both from Chiappe, 2001).

> troodontids

New- line drawing of Saurornithoides junior skull; drawing of left side of
Byronosaurus' skull; Byronosaurus' braincase in posterior and left lateral
views.  There are also good illustrations of Troodon cervical and dorsal
vertebrae from Makovicky's thesis, which though not new, are hard to find.

> and therizinosaurids.

Nothing new.

Mickey Mortimer
Undergraduate, Earth and Space Sciences
University of Washington
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