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Re: Tyrannosaurus third finger


I brought this up before. The verdict from the Theropod -- oops! -- I mean the Dinosaur Mailing List was that Rexy had a third metacarpal, but not a third finger, making it difficult to determine whether it was making rude gestures. (Okay, I made up that last comment myself).

On the other hand, the Early Cretaceous Chinese basal feathered tyrannosauroid, _Dilong paradoxus_, did have three fingers, but it's the only tyrannosauroid yet discovered with three manual phalanges, and it predates _T. rex_ by about 60 million years.
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Subject: Tyrannosaurus third finger

Okay then, I'd like to hear reactions to the third finger displayed on
the cast of the Peck's Rex manus. Did I miss previous discussion about
this on the list? I thought certain I'd hear people talking about it at
the meeting but nobody seemed very impressed.